Q: How did you come up with such an effective and timely app?

A: We, as the Founders of Goya-Move and, as parents of 6 children, experience the exact same problems that you do with your children’s addiction to their Tech Devices. Our kids spend too much time on their screens, and too little time just being kids and spending time outside, playing. We wanted to make a very simple tool that gets kids outside and exercising, without having to take their devices away. Simply taking the child’s device away ends up eliminating your ability to communicate with, and track your child, and results in preventing them from having access to phone services in case of emergency. Our goal, is to teach our children about accountability and moderation. And to be able to give them a reward, for reasonable and responsible use of their devices. We are enjoying the benefits and rewards of this app with our own Children and we sincerely hope that you are having the same experience with your own children.


Q: There are a number of agreements and trusted requests that I need to approve during installation. Can you provide some additional clarity on how this actually works?

A: Goya-Move is a very complex app which is designed, once installed, to control your kid’s device from YOUR own personal device. We do this through our special secure servers, so that you, as a parent, can be completely assured that all your own personal data and your Children’s data is 100% secure and safe. What you are approving and installing is the access to the server that allows you to join your children’s accounts with your own account. It also allows our app to track your kids Steps and provides our app with permission to block other apps that you choose to block, when the step goals you set, are not yet met (or based on blocks of time). That is all there is to it.

Q: Is there a free version of the app?

A: Yes and no. The Goya-Move app does have a free 5-day trial period which allows you to try the app out and see the impact it makes on your family’s lives. After the free trial period, you will have the choice of selecting different price points based on the number of Children using the app, starting at $1.99 per child. The $1.99 ensures that you and your children will not see any advertising on your devices. To put it in perspective, it is less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month.


Q: Which device should I set up first? The parent’s device or the child’s device?

A: You can set up the devices in any order you wish. Just remember to use the same email and password on ALL of the devices that you intend to use. However, please note that when you are at the “Child’s Device” setup, you MUST use the phone number associated with the Childs device.

Q: I set up both devices, but my child’s name is not on my parent dashboard

A:Please make sure that all the following steps have been completed correctly;

You have finished all of the installation steps and have accepted the required agreements.

You have completed the payment process for a subscription for 1 or more children.

You have entered the same email and password on both the parent and child devices

On the Childs device, you entered the phone number associated with the Childs phone

Q: I set the step goal for my child, but I do not see the changes reflected on the child’s device

A: When we set the step goal from the “Parent Dashboard” there is a SAVE button on the upper right-hand corner. The changes will not take effect until the SAVE button is pressed. Any changes you make to your Childs step goal must be SAVED in order them to be reflected on the Childs device.

Q: What if my child does activities without their phone? How can they get credit for the steps they take?

A: On the Childs device, in their dashboard, in the middle of the screen, there is an option to “Add Steps”. As a parent, using the password you used to register in the Goya-Move account, you can credit your Childs account for the steps they have taken during periods when they may happen to be exercising/moving without their device. You can access the same feature from your parent device when viewing your child’s progress. For your convenience, the app also provides an estimate of how many steps are in a mile.

Q: I would like to block their use of the phone and/or text messaging, but I don't see either of those 2 options listed. Why?

A: Hopefully you never have to come across this situation, but for safety reasons, we want to make sure that your child always has the ability to make a phone call in an emergency situation. Whether it’s to their parents or to a first responder, your child’s safety is our number ONE concern. The same logic applies to text messaging. We want you, as the parents, to be able to communicate with your children at any time. We would never want you to lose the ability for you and your child to communicate with one another, when you need to, especially in the case of an emergency.

Q: I want to block my Child's social media and online gaming time, but I also want to make sure they can still do homework and access any educational websites that they may need.

A: That is one of the major benefits of Goya-Move. You, as the parent are in complete control of what apps they can and cannot use, at any time. You can choose certain ones and leave others available. You have the ability thru Goya-Move, to block the apps of your choice (other than Phone and Texting) at any time.

Q: It appears that I am not able to block ALL the apps in the list from being used?

A: Correct, the way our software works is that we can block apps that require “online” access, which includes Social Media sites, video streaming sites (YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo) etc. We also Update our database of sites regularly and monitor the hottest trends in your kid’s apps. When there is a new App out that is a hit amongst kids, we will update our database in order to block that app, (assuming it has been loaded on your Childs Device). If you have an app that your child uses, that isn’t being blocked, please provide us the name of the app and we will do our best to add it to our database and let you know once we have entered the blocking parameters for it. Email the name of the app to: blockmyapp@goyamove.com

Q: Can I see my child’s step activity from my parent dashboard?

A: Yes, from the parent dashboard, click on which child (if you have more than one) you would like to view, select “Child Progress”. From here you can monitor your kids steps, as well as credit your kids steps with the same “Add Steps” feature as on their device. Easy right?

Q: What is the ‘Blackout Time” feature?

A: Let’s face it, kids get distracted by their devices. Whether its homework time, family dinner time and even bed time, those pesky apps can get in the way of the priority at hand. “Black out time” allows you to set boundaries during specific time frames. For example, you can set homework hours, dinner time hours or sleep time hours. Once this feature is enabled, regardless of the number of steps your child has made, your selected apps will be blocked between those hours.

Q: My child’s phone was replaced, and I need to re-install the app on their new device. How do I do that?

A: No problem. Simply go to the app store and download the app again. You will need to go through the sign in and setup process again. When you go through the setup process on the new device, just enter in the same email and password that you used on the original setup. Since the new device will have the same phone number, our Goya-Move server will link the accounts right back up. That’s all there is to it.

Q: Do I need to reset the step goals daily?

A: No. whether you choose “Daily Step Goals” or “Hourly Step Goals”, the steps requirements automatically reset every hour or every 24 hours, so the daily habits are still in place. This is part of the simplicity of Goya-Move. Just set it and forget it.

Q: I noticed when I blocked certain apps like SAFARI or App Store, it disappears completely from the device.

A: Correct, apps, like Safari and the App Store are native Apple apps and behave differently because they are not a third party app. The way Apple handles this in their own “Restrictions” area is the same way. When you block an Apple app it disappears, but once access is granted by either step completion or by the parent, they appear again. Please also note, sometimes Apple doesn’t always put the icon back in the same spot.


Q: What should I do if I feel I have a suggestion for your app, or perhaps find a potential bug in the software, that I would like to call to your attention?

A: Thank You! We have 3 simple goals: 1.) We want to continually improve our technology to make your life as a parent easier. 2.) Reduce our children’s dependency on nonproductive screen time and 3.) promote additional exercise and daily activity in the lives of our children. … So by all means, please feel free to contact us at : info@goyamove.com with any suggestions that you may have or any potential bugs that you may have seen in any of our products. Your assistance and involvement are always welcome at Goya-Move.