Goya-Move Parent Pro-Tip #2

The Goya-Move Team would like to share...

Setting "Black Out Time” and how should I use this?

Parents, did you see the Goya-Move selection called Black Out Time. This feature allows you to set a Black Out Time for when you don't want your kids on their apps, regardless if the Step Goal was completed. Some times and places you might want to set these could be a family dinner, bedtime, or even times when they should be doing their homework for a few hours at night. Black Out time over-rides the steps goal and allows you to manage their screen time even more. You can set those hours to weekend/weekdays and have them run continuously through the week resetting itself without you having to check back in. 

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Lots of great features in this app, be sure to download, register, kids signed up and get them moving with Goya-Move! 

Tania Gai