Goya-Move Parent Pro-Tip #1

The Goya-Move Team would like to share..

You downloaded the Goya-Move App! Great Job! You took the first step in motivating your child to get off their apps and get moving! You have taken Parental Control a “Step Further” 

The magic question is, how do you know how many steps to set for your child to make you feel that your children are getting the right amount of movement and your child to feel like the goal is obtainable and not punishment. Kids should accumulate about 10,000-15,000 steps a day to maintain healthy physical activity levels. The step-count figure includes 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity recommended daily for children and teens.


In the Goya-Move app, simply set the daily step goal to a step goal for your child and then select "Hourly Step Goal." The Goya-Move app will do the math as to how many steps per hour that comes out to. Set the time range at the bottom of the screen to choose the time range in which to complete those steps. You can also increase or lower the hours in the day to complete the steps to raise and lower the Hourly Step Goal. 
The "Hourly Step Goal” option will give your child the confidence to obtain the goal to get back to a game or social media post, resetting itself on the top of every hour to keep your kids active. Moderation and Accountability.

— The Goya Team