Goya-Move Parent Pro-Tip #3

“App List” feature. 
Getting an insight into the apps your kids have loaded onto their phones. 
Ever feel that your kids are hiding their phones from you? You walk by your kids, and their screen is constantly closing when they feel you get a glimpse. As a parent, you should be able to know what apps are installed on your children’s phones. Goya-Move allows you to have an insight to see what apps are installed on the phones. With our “App List” feature Goya lets you, the parent, have an insight on to every app installed on your child’s phone. The Goya-Move App, with its linking technology, will give you a full list of every app installed on your kid’s phone, allowing you to make sure there is nothing inappropriate installed on your child’s handset.
With modern technology being as great as it is, it also has its negatives. We at Goya-Move believe parents should have all the tools to make sure your children are using technology in a safe environment. This is Digital Well-Being at its best. 

parent pro tip 3.png

Lots of great features in this app, so take the first step, by downloading our healthy lifestyle App!

— The Goya Team

Tania Gai