Isaac and Keri together, as parents to six children, have taken all those years of child raising knowledge and experience along with their collective backgrounds in the work place, to find a solution to a worldwide problem. Together they have been able to create a extremely viable solution. They firmly believe this will be the footprint of the future in regard to creating a positive change in how children can and will, interact with their internet based devices. We believe this will begin to solve this major epidemic that the world is currently facing.


Isaac is the father of two amazing kids, has a background in software engineering and is now the owner of a fitness gym where he specializes in motorsport fitness. Isaac is the President of Goya-Move and is extremely excited to bring this problem solving solution to families like ours, all around the world. Isaac resides in the heart of the Silicon Valley.


Isaac Gredinberg


Keri is co-founder of Goya-Move and is the mother of four incredible children ranging from pre-teen to their mid 20’s. She is the President of the oldest Electronics Assembly Company in the Silicon Valley (Established in 1972), as well as the creative marketing force behind Goya-Move. Keri is a native of the Silicon Valley and still resides there.


Keri L. Mackey